WD Self Test Steps in Different Situations

HDD Detected-How to Run SF

1, Backup the original HDD FW and ROM to one new directory;

2, Initialize FW and ROM, backup the initialized fw and ROM, remember to create one different folder to backup them to avoid overwriting;

3, Power off and on and soft reset;

4, Click Auto Arco, select steps within the interface to Set DCM (Set DCM is to generate module 03);

5, If the hdd is undetected, reset the DIR starting address (starting sector of module 01);

6, Re-enter Auto Arco, select Load ATA, write FW and set DCM;

7, After the hdd is detected, run other steps of auto ARCO;

8, After auto arco completes, start SF.

Common FW-How to Run SF

1, Write common ROM;

2, Initialize ROM;

3, Power off and on and click soft reset;

4, Click Auto Arco, select the common FW path, select steps to write FW;

5, After the auto arco above completes, Start SF.

HDD Undetected-How to Run SF

1, Find one set of donor FW;

2, Write ROM and initialize ROM;

3, Power off and on, Auto ARCO, select steps to write FW and wait the hdd to be detected;

4, Backup the ROM and FW;

5, Initialize the FW, write the ROM from above backup;

6, Power off and on, enter Auto Arco, select Load ATA, write FW, set DCM and wait until being detected;

7, Run other steps of auto arco after being detected; 8, After Auto arco, run selftest.

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